You won’t end up being an Olympian, but might be able to finally enjoy the Australian Summer at the beach, or hit the pool for some laps!

Klim Swim offers Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced level Adult lessons. Both our Adult level classes are 45 minutes in duration. Whether you are a complete beginner or just needing some feedback on how to refine your technique Klim Swim can help you!

Similar to our Learn to Swim program our class sizes are small with our adult lessons being capped at 5 students per class. This is to ensure all swimmers receive adequate instructions from your teacher to help you improve your swimming.

We provide two class levels; one for Beginners who have not had any previous experience within the water. In this class we start by building confidence in the water, how to float on front and back, and how to return to standing position. Once you and the instructor are comfortable with your ability to return to the standing position, you will move on to learning basic swimming skills.

For swimmers who know how to ‘Swim’ the intermediate/advanced level is for stroke correction and additional advice on certain areas you wish to improve. Swimmers will work on improving their technique and work at building endurance. Swimmers in this level usually have specific goals they wish to achieve, such as complete an open water swim or triathlon or swim for relaxation/fitness reasons. Our instructors will help you work towards achieving your individual goals and will cater your lesson to you.

*Due to the small class sizes Klim Swim does not offer adult private lessons. We believe the group lessons provide swimmers with a better learning environment and more enjoyment.