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School Program

In Australia, the ability to swim is taken for granted. Our naïve belief that all Australians can all swim well enough to survive if we happened to get into a dangerous situation (getting caught in a rip, falling from a boat in Port Phillip Bay, pool party’s), is unfortunately not the reality.

According to Life Saving Victoria drowning is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Victoria for children aged 0-14 years. Recent trends indicate that the numbers of drowning deaths are increasing in children aged 5-14 years (LSV, 2011). In the period 2006-2011 there was a 68% increase in the five year average drowning rate in children aged 5 – 14 years.

The Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSSA) believes that in order to prevent drowning, every Australian child must have basic swimming, water safety skills and knowledge of how to be safe when they are in, on, or around the water (The Royal Life Saving Society Australia [RLSSA], 2012).

School curriculum is crazy busy, trust us, we get it! This is why we can tailor the School Intensive program to fit in around your school. We have two types of scheduling; 1 or 2 days a week for a period of 5 or 10 weeks, or a 10-day intensive program where the children come in each day at the same time for this select period.

Student to teacher ratio is a maximum of 6:1 and we have a private pool. Yes, you heard correctly! Your school will not have any general public around when your lessons are on or sharing a change room. This is a safer environment, with less distractions and general worry.

Did we mention the pool is also a toasty 32 degrees?

Our School Intensive Coordinator does all the ground work for you, from busses for transport to class scheduling…. sounds too good to be true!

Please contact Klim Swim for further information:

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