Terms and Conditions


  • Although it is now optional to wear a mask if you cannot physically distance from people you do not know we strongly recommend wearing a mask when inside the facility and covering mouth and nose

  • In response to Victoria's low COVID case numbers, we are updating our COVID credit policy to better align with the rest of the industry. At the end of Term 3, 20th September 2021, we will be expiring all outstanding COVID related credit. 


  • All enrolments are required to provide full payment of term fees before a permanent class position will be allocated



  • Once enrolled Klim Swim does not offer refunds

  • For first time customers there is a 48 hour ‘cooling off’ period after payment where you can receive a full refund.  After the ‘cooling off’ period no refunds will be given


  • If a swimmer is unable to participate in lessons for a prolonged period of 3 or more consecutive weeks a medical certificate is required to receive credits for the missed lessons.

  • If a family wishes to defer lessons due to a medical reason, without a medical certificate a 2 lesson administration fee per swimmer will be deducted

  • All credits must be used the following term. All credits are forfeited if unused in the following term

  • Failure to notify Klim Swim of an absences due to a injury/illness issue will result in a forfeit of a class.



  • Notification of absence must be received a minimum of 1 hour prior to the lesson commencement to be entitled to a make up lesson. All notification after this time or failure to notify at all will result in no make up being issued

  • Notification of absence can be done via the Customer Portal, in person, via email to info@klimswim.com or by calling the office 9427 1770 and leaving a voicemail

  • Make up lessons are not guaranteed and options may be restricted due to availability. This can include but not limited to days, times and instructors

  • Make up lessons expire at the end of the current term with the exception of the roll over period (final 2 weeks of the term)

  • Make up lessons during the roll over period can be carried over provided the student is booked in for the full duration of the next term

  • No make up lessons can be booked in if you are not currently enrolled in a permanent class or have outstanding fees

  • Make up lessons are non-transferable between swimmers and must be booked into the same class type

  • All make up lessons must be booked in via the Customer Portal

  • When booking your make up lesson please take note, if you are unable to attend your booked make up lesson for any reason you will forfeit that class. Make up lessons cannot be changed or moved once they have been booked.

  •  Klim Swim reserves the right to restrict access to the Customer Portal in cases where misuse is suspected.



  • When situations arise that force pool closure, due to but not limited to plant malfunction, flooding, faecal or vomit incidents, make up lessons or class credits will be granted at the discretion of Klim Swim management.

  • Refunds will not be provided for any reason



  • Please respect our precautionary health rules and refrain from lessons if you or your child is suffering from; any contagious disease including Molluscum contagion, Flu, Fever, Head cold, Runny infected noses, cold sores, open wounds, sore throats. Also Vomiting, symptoms of Gastroenteritis, Ringworm and Head lice

  • For gastro related illnesses a make up cannot be booked in within 7 days of notification

  • Where lessons are missed due to serious medical conditions, a credit toward lessons to be taken in the next term may be granted subject to a valid medical certificate and availability

  • Klim Swim reserves the right to remove a student from their lesson if they are suspected to have a contagious disease, that is communicable to staff or other students.

  • Failure to notify Klim Swim of an absences due to a health issue will result in a forfeit of a class.



  • All children under 10 years old must be supervised by a parents or guardian at all times whilst in the pool area.

  • If parent/guardian leaves the facility the child will be removed from the lesson until the parent/guardian returns

  • Behaviour of all patrons must comply with displayed pool rules

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for placing their children into our instructors care at the commencement of each lesson and collecting them at the conclusion

  • Swimmers are not permitted to be in the pool until instructed to do so

  • Klim Swim Richmond accepts no responsibility for injury, personal property loss or damage sustained whilst on the premises, not resulting from negligence on our part



  • Swim Caps are compulsory for all children from 3 years of age, both male and female



  • All children under the age of 3 are required to wear an aqua nappy at all times when using the pool. Students over 3 years old who are not toilet trained must also wear an aqua nappy

  • All children, regardless of age, are required to use the bathroom before entering the pool

  • In the occurrence of a faecal incident in the pool caused by a child, the caregiver of the child is required to cover the costs of cleaning and any losses that Klim Swim incurs due to the forced cancelling of lessons


We welcome the capturing of your magic moments on camera or video, however privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras at this venue is conditional upon the following:

  • You must have all relevant individuals consent to use images

  • It is illegal to broadcast or publish images without consent

  • Under no circumstances are cameras, video cameras or mobile phones to be used in change room areas



  • Klim Swim reserves the right to change the instructor without notice if staff are ill or end employment at Klim Swim

  • Klim Swim cannot guarantee preferred gender of instructor for a student

  • Classes will be added prior and during term as they are in demand

  • Swimmers may be re-allocated if class size is too small. In the event of this happening customers will be given sufficient notice

  • Please refrain from talking to instructors whilst lessons are in progress. Do not ask the instructors or other staff members to pass on messages or comments



  • The car park is a shared space with the Richmond Football Club. We cannot ever guarantee our customers or staff members a car spot

  • The Richmond Football Club has priority to the car park and reserves the right to close the car park on event days. Klim Swim will notify customers in advance of closures via email, SMS to the provided contact details and on the Customer Portal

  • All other days parking is subject to availability



Klim Swim Customer Service Office Hours during school terms:

Monday to Friday 2pm – 6:15pm     Saturday and Sunday:  8am – 12:30pm       

Ph: 9427 1770