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Why Klim Swim?

Klim Swim is an established Learn to Swim Operation, providing quality swimming tuition to participants of all ages and abilities.

The Klim Family established Klim Swim in 1997 and created a Learn to Swim Program along with the help of a number of swimming coaches and industry experts.

Klim swim prides itself on effective swimming tuition, providing its students with personable interaction, direction and consistency. The program is closely monitored and updated regularly with our instructors re-trained to ensure the teaching philosophy is carried across the entire school.

Small class sizes

Our point of difference is our small student to instructor ratio. The benefits of which is intimate classes allowing more focused attention on your child’s progression and ensuing safety at all times during their class. All class ratios are stated under the Programs tab for your reference.

Focus on correct technique

Perfect practice makes perfect! We believe that by teaching your child the correct technique from the beginning over shorter distances is advantageous long term as they become more efficient in their stroke allowing for longer distances should they need.

Consistent method of teaching

Our staff complete quarterly training sessions by in house or out sourced professionals. This ensures a consistent method of instruction allowing all students to receive consistent instructions on technique, regardless of instructor. Our instructors are dedicated to your child’s progression whilst in their care and appreciate need for consistency to achieve this. Personalities obviously differ from person to person and we encourage individuality within their teaching method which allows you and your child to bond with the right instructor. However you can rest assure that there is consistency across all and levels and classes.


Minimal use of flotation devices

We aim for competent and independent swimmers. This means the use of aids to assist floating is kept to a minimum so your child experiences the buoyancy of the water on their own. Sometimes floaties and belts provide students with a false sense of security in the water. We will only use aids in certain situations to encourage independence or correct a skill when needed.

Why Klim Swim
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