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Lockdown Prompts Swim Safety Fears.

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Michael Klim joined Rebecca Maddern on The Weekend Today show recently (see video below) to talk about the importance of learn to swim and the effects the lockdowns are having on their progress and developments as well as the economic effects within the learn to swim industry.

Kids aren't able to access swimming lessons as we approach summer.

In some parts of the country including Melbourne, kids have missed almost 6 months of swimming lessons already. That is just this year, last year was also problematic. This is a tragedy in itself. Now the schools they go to learn these crucial life lessons are also under threat as lockdowns have hit hard.

While families have tried to be supportive for as long as possible, many have been forced to withdraw enrolments due to lockdown. They can't justify paying enrolments when their kids can't swim. This of course is going to have a ripple effect and force swim schools to close. Once lockdowns ends, it's going to be harder for parents to find schools to enrol their kids!

Private swim schools who still have to pay rent and pool upkeep costs are struggling and we need to make sure they stay afloat.

Klim Swim is looking to partner and support private swim school operators to develop quality learn to swim programs.

We want to collaborate and join forces with existing Melbourne operators. We would contribute to their resources, programs, systems and marketing and really help them to keep operating. So if you have a swim school in Melbourne and you're struggling - please get in touch!

We’re urging parents and caregivers to re-enrol children in swimming lessons and be extra vigilant about supervising children this coming summer.

For more information contact:

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