Holiday Program

What is the Holiday Program?

Every school holidays we offer a 5-day swimming intensive program to internal and external customers. The holiday program is highly beneficial for your child to consolidate their skills learnt during the term, assist to excel to the next level, master a particular skill or problem area such as breaststroke kick or simply keep them pro-active during the school break.

For children transitioning into Beginners from Infant aquatics the holiday program is perfect for your child to do so with daily contact with their new teacher and also swimming without Mum or Dad in the water with them. By the time the term starts, there will be no more tears and you can then rest easy.

June 21st - July 2nd

Fill the form out with your preferred date and times for the Holiday Program and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Please note that our Holiday Program is only offered at our RICHMOND location.

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